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Makes you happy is what.

I know that I am immersed in one of my hobbies, I am pleased. How about you or not you have just one hobby? Or I need several?

I want to move around in my hobbies. I do not have hobbies that I called them all. In such interest.

One of the things. I like to do is to detect metal.

Cousin, Larry the metal detector I purchased several years ago when we display the jewelry and mining. Victorville, California.'s Our first time. Efforts in this new adventure in his home. He lived in the house he grew up when he was young he and his friends embedded cache. pennies and what we have after.

Well, we could not find them. Most of what we see is a metal flashing and nails, but some of us have proven that metal detection has a real metal. And treatment. The interests of my other writing. - - I write articles about the adventure of the search. pennies. was published in the issue of Lost Treasure magazine.

It makes me happy way! Here I was doing what I love metals, both detection and write and I have to pay. Yes! Happy happy happy!

Larry moved to go. Of ancient Egypt's interest. Reading and discovery await contact with anyone interested in ancient Egypt to travel to Egypt, which is what makes him happy.

And yipeeeee!! He helped me to make metal.

Just other day I took it out to see what treasures I found.

Not much before I was. But that was rained out. I'm happy. I have been metal detecting.

Finally, I find all of effect after recovery. 41 cent Hot little wheels are three in all. Lap. I smile, enjoy the rain to enjoy me as I search. walked to my car.

Due to rain I think it is a good time to pursue interests of others. Mine - Attractions strange. I love exotic places and unusual attractions and folk art environments that are right at the top of my list.

I want to be mean to. Desert View Tower in Jacumba, CA any longer, but often sweltering summer heat, when I think about. I will wait until the winter I promise I.

I can not รอๆ longer though. I want pictures for my website visitors strange place today.

So I hopped in my little MR2. - The road is another favorite. For me - and I head out to Desert View. Tower. I have long from Temecula through Julian and down winding mountain roads to sands. Google road trip instead of actual freeway. Routes.

The car is my yearning for. some curves!

When I go to Desert View Tower is hot. I thought it might be cool since. Rain is in Temecula, but at far less cooling. It gently on the roof of the tower with a wind storm blow through it. Open to all. The view around your menacing. - I'll give you three guesses! - Desert.

Although it is summer time I climb the tower to enjoy recording. Stone Park and clamoring around trying to find all carved in stone.

I am pleased.

I took home the freeway route and stop. Casino food. Oh my!!! Importantly, the best ribs I have ever tasted. Food makes me happy happy happy. I am happy. I take most of it home and fed some two. Days more.

To make you happy with what you do what makes you happy? Do you have hobbies that you do not have experience or not as interested in you. Always want to pursue, but not air?

No better time to renew interest in old hobbies or start new. Immersing yourself in the hobby. Is a good way to happiness. After all what good is all about. Right?

About the Author:

The author, Mollie Manuell, loves traveling, writing and photography. She maintains a website about weird tourist attractions that reflects this interest.

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